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Part of a tree

Exam sadto nga adlaw sa isa ke pre-school.
Teacher: Leofil, what are the different parts of a tree?
Pupill: Ma'am leaf, uhm... fruit...trunk, roots...
Teacher: One last part? What is it?
Pupil: (daw indi makadumdum) uhmm... Ano gani man???
Teacher: Ok.gaan ta ka clue ha sang beginning sound.It begins with [b]...The teacher pronounces the beginning letter b but still the pupil couldn't get it. So the teacher continued by saying the consonant cluster " br". But still there was no answer from the child. So the teacher proceeded ..." [brrr...a..] (the sound of a is slightly pronounced as in short vowel/shwa sound.

Pupil:(Laughs maliciously covering his mouth)He he he... Miss ang kahoy may bra?
Teacher: (Amazed and confused but disclosing her laughter). No... it's not that. The other part of the tree is branch.

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~~palos~~   (12 March 2012 8:19 PM)
giduka ko uiiii...way lami...

sham iloveu manriquez   (19 January 2012 2:26 AM)
way Lain.....? wah ko tawa oi.....

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