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Tourists and families with kids from Manila looking for things to do in Pampanga.

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Many residents of Manila discover that the outdoors is the best place to unwind from the stress and pressure of living in the city. This resort in Clark Pampanga is well known to have the best outdoor facilities and picnic grounds near Manila, better than any of the best resorts in Manila, Angeles City, Subic and Clark Pampanga.

Named best resort in Clark Pampanga in recent tourism survey, Clearwater is lauded by visitors from Manila for the nice beach and swim spots around the beautiful lake of Clark; kids love this hotel more than any resorts in Angeles City Pampanga

Companies in Manila travel to Clark to hold their corporate events in the best resort in Clark Pampanga. This famous resort in Clark Pampanga is the only hotel in Angeles City Philippines that offers safe and secure outdoor event venues suitable for large and small groups, day trips and overnight stays also. Spending the night in Clearwater Resort is a wonderful experience that only this hotel in Angeles City Pampanga can offer. Waking up early in the morning either in a hotel room in the picnic grounds underneath large Acacia tress of in a cabin or cottage right by the beautiful lake of this famous hotel in Angeles City Pampanga is quite a treat for visitors from Manila and tourists from other Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore and China. This resort in Angeles City Pampanga is well known as a popular and frequently visited hotel for guests looking to reduce stress and tension from city living.

Best resort in Clark Pampanga is frequently visited by residents of Manila; schools and event organizers hold picnics and team building in the outdoor event venues of Clearwater Resort, many regard as the best hotel in Pampanga. Clark is so near to Manila that many people travel regularly to this famous resort in Pampanga almost every week to relax and unwind after a week of stress at work in the city. Stress is the biggest problems that residents of crowded cities like Manila have to face every day. It is not only something that adults have to deal with but quite bad for the children too. That's why residents in Manila grab every opportunity to bring their families out of town to the north to spend quality time in the best hotel in Angeles City Pampanga, private resorts in Clark Subic that allow them to unwind and relax, get away from the stress of city living, engage in outdoor activities like fishing and camping, and get nearer to nature once again.

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