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Earn 20% Monthly Passive Income thru JJPTR (No work, no recruit, legit and not a scam)

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Upon checking JJPTR's forex trading platform, (JJPro MetaTrader 4), JJPTR gains $19.72 million in trading forex from December 1-16, 2016.
JJPTR Forex Trading Profit
This blessing is meant to be shared to everyone but only FEW grab the opportunity.
Why are people afraid of investing in JJPTR if you clearly see how it generates profitable income in forex trading? Why are you afraid of risking your $25 (Php1,325 - the minimum investment) if you know that JJPTR truly earns from forex trading and investors are being shared with the profit?

Here's my proof of payout. I invested maximum $1,000 in November 2016. This is what I receive every month (PASSIVE INCOME):
JJPTR Proof of Payment-Income
Let that Php1,325 sit on your bank account for many months (or years if you like) and see how it will decrease in value. Inflation will eat up your money. Prices of goods and services increase (that is reality). If you don't risk, inflation will beat you up.
Nothing to lose in JJPTR. Instead, you can gain from JJPTR like what we truly experience in receiving our 20% income every month. Try it for 1month and withdraw all your money including your 20% profit. Is that what you call highly risky?
The gains are consistent as what our CEO Johnson Lee told us.
Let me be your guide. Those who want to invest in JJPTR, just PM me or send me a message in my Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/affordableCebu


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