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CF Wellness Coffee - Where to Buy CF Wellness Coffee in Cebu
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Micswell Cafe 8-in-1 Coffee
Your Best Supplement Coffee!

It has Ginseng, a source of natural herbal energy that improves physical and mental stamina.

Moringa, the "Miracle Tree" that contains potent and disease-preventing nutrients,

Spirulina, a good anti-oxidant and also the food for the brain, heart, immune system and more.

Agaricus Blazei Mushroom which helps alleviate stress. An immune system booster!


Pure coffee, non-dairy creamer, brown sugar, Mocha, Agaricus Blazei Murill, Ginseng, Spirulina, and Moringa

What is Agaricus Mushroom ?

· Anti-tumor, anti-cancer a rich source of anti-oxidants like polysaccharides 1-3 & 6-D glucan, lectins, heteroglycans and ergosterol which enhances the immune system to fight against cancer.

· Contains large amounts of non-digestive dietary fibers which absorbs cancerous materials in our body and discharges it away from our system.

· Helps in regulating blood sugar levels.

· Known to have unsaturated fatty acid, such ass lanolin, which can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.

· Contains vit B1, B2 and large amounts of ergosterol that will be converted to vit D2 which enhances immune system thus preventing bone diseases.


· Improves immune system, mental performance, alertness and cognitive functions.

· Helps in the lowering of blood sugar levels

· Protects against damage by free radicals leading to cancer

· Shown to inhibit proliferation of cancer cells.


· A good source of good cholesterol

· Has a high density lipoprotein, which, in high levels, is known to protect against cardiovascular diseases. A

· A very good source of Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and minerals which include potassium, calcium, iron, selenium and magnesium


· A blue-green algae. The most nutrient rich whole food. Has 65 to 71 percent complete protein, with all essential amino acids in perfect balance.

· An outstanding dietary aid to help prevent (or reverse) anemia.

· Provides more than adequate energy through a busy day and makes you less stress-prone.

· Helps control obesity, heart diseases and arthritis.


1st picture of CF Wellness Coffee - Where to Buy CF Wellness Coffee in Cebu For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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5 Monsanto Jel • 10:58 AM, 17-October-2014
Hello ..ask lang kong may branch ba ang wellness USA MI.
4 Monsanto Jel • 10:56 AM, 17-October-2014
Hello..dealer sab ko ani sa una sa dihang sa pinas pako.naa ba ta branches Mi US.gusto ko madeal ani ug balik kay maayo ni sya.palihug pm ko.thanks
3 Elne Develles • 4:39 PM, 17-September-2013
oo dong. asa dapit?
2 Elne Develles • 4:33 PM, 17-September-2013
I am interested to 8 n1 coffee.
1 Julius • 10:34 PM, 16-November-2012
asa makapalit ug cf wellness coffee sa cebu?

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