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The most powerful antioxidant is found in your body, it is called GLUTATHIONE

Php 1.5k per bottle (45 caps), 1 box (4bottles) Php 6k

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The most POWERFUL component of our body’s ANTIOXIDANT DEFENSE SYSTEM
Dr. Robert H. Keller described Glutathione as
“Your Best Defense against AGING, CELLULAR DAMAGE, and DISEASES.”

2 Types of Anti-oxidants
Exogenous – derived from food sources, vitamins
Endogenous – produced by the body
ex: Co-enzyme Q-10 (Co-Q10)
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
Catalase (CAT)
GLUTATHIONE is the most powerful among Endogenous antioxidants

Main Functions of Glutathione
ANTI-OXIDANT: Body’s premier neutralizer of all types of free radicals
IMMUNE SYSTEM ENHANCER: protects and regulates immune cells
DETOXIFIER: One of the primary ways the body eliminates toxic environmental chemicals

Significance of GLUTATHIONE "The Guardian of the Cell"
MASTER Anti-oxidant in each Cell
MASTER Anti-inflammatory in each Cell
MASTER Detoxifier inside each Cell
Primary Detoxifier of Heavy Metals
Chelator – 50% as effective as oral chelation in getting rid of Mercury
Reduces Hemoglobin, enabling it to accept oxygen and carry it to the cell
Major Protector of the Mitochondrial DNA (Power House of the Cell)
Major Protector of the nucleus of the cell and the DNA of the cell
Major Protector of the Immune Cell and the Immune System
Cardiovascular System Enhancer
Only Antioxidant that can recycle itself
First line of protection against environmental chemicals and toxins

Causes of Glutathione Depletion:
Sun Exposure
Sleep Deprivation
Strenuous Exercises
Poor Diet

75 Diseases/Disorders associated with Low Glutathione Levels
Cardiovascular (hypertension, heart attacks, angina)
Cancer (breast, prostate, leukemia)
Infectious Diseases (hepatitis a, b, c, HIV, influenza and bird flu, herpes/shingles)
Dermatological (psoriases, alopecia areata, acne)
Ob-gynecological (infertility, pre-menstrual syndrome)
Ophthalmic (cataracts, macular degeneration)
Pulmonary (asthma, chronic bronchitis, tobacco abuse, pulmonary fibrosis)
Rheumatic Disorders (gouty arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome)
Neurodegenerative Disorders (migraine/headache, alzheimer's and parkinson's disease, autism, adhd, bipolar disease)
Kidney Failure

Challenges of Glutathione Intake
Oral - The human gastrointestinal tract contains enzymes that break down orally ingested glutathione long before it reaches the cells
Intravenous Injection - The glutathione molecule that reach the circulation is too big to penetrate through the cell membrane.

MaxGXL - The Glutathione Accelerator
- has the necessary NUTRIENTS that can be readily absorbed by the cells which will allow our own body to manufacture increased levels of GLUTATHIONE inside the cell.
- is not a glutathione but it aids in the production of our cell's glutathione.
- represented such dramatic breakthrough that the US Patent Office awarded it a Composition Patent #6262019. Composition patents are usually reserved for ethical drugs. You can be sure that MaxGXL is only available through Max International Associates!

Retail price: Php 1,500 per bottle (45 caps), 1 box (4 bottles) Php 6,000
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1 Cy   (06 September 2012 10:27 AM)
i had my research about this glutathione. too good to be true but it is true. nice product.