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How to Invest or Join in JJPTR Malaysia?

Hello, it seems that you're interested to invest in JJPTR. It will be one of the best decisions in your life if you invest in JJPTR.

JJPTR offers the most powerful, sustainable, profitable and lucrative forex investment.

Here's the procedure on how to invest or join in JJPTR Malaysia.

How to Invest or Join in JJPTR Malaysia?

Step 1

Choose the amount of your investment. Minimum investment is $25 (RM 117.50). And maximum is $1,000 (RM 4,700).

JJPTR Malaysia Investment Rate

Step 2

Deposit your investment to any of these JJPTR Malaysia bank accounts:

L&L Property Ventures Sdn Bhd

Hong Leong Bank
L&L Property Ventures Sdn Bhd

Cimb Bank
L&L Property Ventures Sdn Bhd

*Note: Deposit to those bank accounts only.

Step 3

Take a photo of your deposit slip. And also take a photo of your valid ID (e.g. IC, Passport, SPASS, Work Permit, etc.).

Note: Photo of your deposit slip and valid ID must be clear and texts should be readable.

Step 4

Finally, register to https://www.jjptr.com/af/213980

Note: Use this AGENT ID upon registration: 213980.

Here's a guide on how to register in JJPTR website.

After registering to JJPTR website, wait for 1 to 2 days approval. You will then receive an EMAIL CONFIRMATION which contains your AGENT ID and PASSWORD. And you can now log-in to your account in JJPTR website.

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