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How to Activate Metrobank ATM Card for International Use (Abroad)

On its recent announcement, Metrobank advises all its accountholders especially those who are ATM/Debit/Prepaid Cardholders that the international use of Metrobank ATM, Debit, and Prepaid cards shall be available only upon request.

If you are a Metrobank accountholder and you expect to use your card internationally or are planning on travelling abroad soon, please contact your branch of account to activate this feature. The purpose for this is for additional security.

Please don't forget to bring your valid id upon requesting for activation.

For urgent concerns, call the Metrobank 24/7 Customer Hotline at 8700-700. For provincial areas, call toll-free 1-800-1888-5775.

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Evelyn S Gano   (31 March 2018 1:53 AM)
I want to use my metrobank atm for withdrawal. Can i used it here in Kuwait?

John Michael L Comia   (21 March 2018 4:55 PM)
I need to use my debit atm card here in UAE for emergency purposes,but I can't withdraw any amount! Can you please activate my account to become international,I'll send the picture of my ATM card. Please,I really need to use my money here as soon as possible

Glesi   (30 October 2017 6:10 AM)
How can I request for an access to my Metrobank ATM Debit Card for International use if I'm already overseas. I am not aware of this. Is there any other way where I could request for this.
Hoping for your assistance on this matter.

myla   (15 September 2017 4:17 PM)
may i ask if how to withdraw the money send to me from UK? and he uses western union to transfer, how can i get the money is it in my debit card or in western union agent location? i am not sure actually where to get the money/

Marisa Albidas   (04 August 2017 8:17 PM)
I visited the metrobank branch where i opened my account then i ask the bank worker who assisted me to open my atm internationally because i am going out of the country. She said "it is open now you can use it on atm with the mastercard logo". now i am in srilanka having a problem how and where to get money for my stay. Its not that easy also for me to receive money from western union. I hope you can help me out here..

mary grace morales   (28 June 2017 5:35 AM)
hi i send you this message because i want to use my atm card here in kuwait...
can you open the international access via online..?
i will pass the pictures of my atm card and my valid id...
urgent response please...
thanks and godbless...

Jay-ann Guion Porras   (05 June 2017 3:24 AM)
Hi good morning. Ask ko lang po sana kung paanong way ko ma aactivate yong debit card ko while i'm still here in abroad? Can i activate it through online? If yes in what way..thank you so much... Have a nice day ahead

Narcelie Libradilla   (06 May 2017 1:07 PM)
Good day. I opened a savings account here in Dubai last year (Sept) and I would like to know the possibilities of activating the online banking here? since i did not took vacation up to now. Please advise procedures as well. Thank you in advance.

Myza Jardin Tigoy   (30 March 2017 11:41 AM)
Please help me to active my atm card,im already 5 months last i got my atm card.Im here now in UAE.Thanks

shenie amangao   (04 March 2017 4:20 AM)
Hello everyone,i want to inform all the people who are planning to open atm account in metrobank for using abroad purpose,do not open because this metrobank will not entertain your concerns,tgey just want to stock your money for their own benifits not yours,i read all these comments below,im shock only one is replied

Daniel Mendoza Sanchez   (28 November 2016 9:35 AM)

please help me to activate my metrobank atm card i want to withdraw im here in saudi arabia.

Allan Latoza Macatangay   (26 September 2016 10:32 AM)
Please help me to activate metro bank atm card i want to withdraw but i can't,im here in Dubai.

cagasjhai2   (09 November 2016 12:11 PM)
Goodmorning po, na activate naba ang account nyo po sa Metrobank? kasi sa akin din po eh , kailangan ko na ng pera kasi pang exit ko, nereplyan ba kayo ng main ?

Analyn Bernabe   (20 August 2016 11:51 AM)
Please help me to activate my card because iam all ready here in singapore please

tammy   (25 June 2016 2:04 PM)
i have a payroll debit card in metrobank. May i ask how can i change my payroll debit card or activate to international debit card?

jane   (06 June 2016 10:50 PM)
Hi po, like other same concerned po. how i am able to.register my Metrobank debit card here in USA? Can I do it online? I'm running out of money and I need to withdraw through my Metrobank debit cars.. I did tried many times but can't process.. please I need help on this...

Nizza Lee Dandan   (09 May 2016 11:35 PM)
Good Day!

Please help me how to activate my ATM Card in KSA for use online because I am already here and just now I read that it need to be activated to use here... Really its a big help for me. Thanks so much!

haydee hassan   (17 November 2015 11:29 AM)
please respond immediately because i am stock here at hongkong with nothing

haydee hassan   (17 November 2015 11:28 AM)
good day, i would like to confirm my international activation of my atm,i have my atm under metrobank rizal davao city branch, i already activated it for international before leaving the philippines,currently i am here in honkong for a short vacation and unfortunately all the banks and atm machines are not accepting my withdrawal transaction,what should i do

Melissa Ann Rea Baydal   (23 October 2015 10:48 AM)
I request for a copy of my atm account which I used when i was working overseas way back 2007 and I forget my atm account number and pin too.

Graal Gayagay   (09 September 2015 8:16 AM)
Hi, I am currently in macau and I have a metrobank atm debit card. They already activated my atm for international use when i was in the philippines. Unfortunately, whenever I want to withdraw or atleast to check balance to any atm machines here in macau, like HSBC, i am always receiving an advice slip, and the transaction is always cancelled or failed. I need help because I am almost out of money already.

zanda bacnis   (22 July 2015 4:54 AM)
how can i activate my atm metrobank if i am living abroad thanks

Mercy P. Abordo   (14 July 2015 11:11 PM)
Hi, I am in Dubai and currently a Metrobank debit card abroad holder. I used to send money in my account even though the card is not yet activated. They said I can only activate the card once I gone for vacation. So my question is, do you have online banking by checking the amount balance while in abroad? i hope you could help me.

thank you.

Mercy P. Abordo   (14 July 2015 11:07 PM)

Ronah   (03 April 2015 9:44 AM)
Hello. I am here in Australia and I have a Metrobank ATM that i want to use but I cant withdraw money from it. I wasn't able to activate it while I was in the Philippines because I was very busy with my child and haven't got time and totally forgot everything about it. What should I do?

MARK NYKIEL   (17 February 2014 11:40 AM)
Dear sir, i have a current metrobank atm account. I set it up because your bank is allied with ANZ here in Australia. I dont have any account information and have never recieved any statements. WHY? How can i transfer money from ANZ to my METROBANK account without this. I really need this information to transfer money and do business.

Paul Earnshaw   (07 October 2013 2:25 PM)
Hi. I am traveling overseas and wish to activate my ATM card for international access. I cannot go to my branch as I opened my account in davao and I am now living in Angeles city. How can I activate my card??

Thank you Paul

admin   (14 February 2014 1:41 PM)
Paul Earnshaw, you can go to any Metrobank branch to activate your ATM card to international access.