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Is it possible to have one bank account for two persons in Metrobank?

One of our dear site users asks us a question:

"Hello, I want to ask if it is possible for my fiance to have a one account for two person in Metrobank? He is in United Kingdom and I'm here in Philippines. The account is for us both. Can i use it here in Philippines?"

Metrobank Joint Account


Yes, this it's possible to have one account for two persons in Metrobank. In other words, this is an account which has one account number owned by two persons. This is called joint account.

You may open a joint account for you and your fiancée. However, to open an account, Metrobank advises its customers to personally visit any of its branches nationwide and present the following requirements:
  • two (2) government- issued or acceptable photo-bearing IDs (photocopy and original)
  • 1 piece 2" x 2" picture
  • initial deposit (Php 2,000 for ATM or Php 10,000 for Passbook)
Both applicants must be present and go to a Metrobank branch. Both of their signatures are required for opening the account.

Metrobank's branch personnel will be providing you the assistance that you need for account opening. 

  • Any member of the joint account can deposit to the account or withdraw from it.
  • You can use your joint account to manage your household bills with someone you live with, with your relative, husband, wife, or business partner.
  • If a member of the joint account dies, the other one is entitled to that account and has the liability for the debt of that account.
If you have other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to post them in the comment below.
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3 Jasmine Reyes   (07 November 2017 7:34 PM)
What if my brother is in the other country, can we open joint account even if he's not here?

2 Maria May B. Armada   (26 September 2017 1:02 PM)
Hello po.. Sir/Ma'am,gusto po kase ng mother ko mag joint account kami.. Kaso po asa ibang bansa po siya. Possible po ba na makapag open kami ng account kahit andun siya sa ibang bansa? Anu po ang mga kailangan ko kunin kung halimbawa na pwede?

1 elleine   (04 September 2017 4:33 PM)
me and my partner are planning to apply for a joint-account savings in metrobank. my question is, should both of us must have the separate requirements? or any of us can provide the requirements?