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How to Register in JJPTR's Website?

Online registration to JJPTR's website might be confusing to others. So, here's a guide that may help you understand better on how to fill-out the form. You can bookmark this page for future reference.

1. Go to JJPTR website: http://www.jjptr.com

2. Fill-out the online form (see screenshot below). Take note of what information to be entered on the blank fields.

Register in JJPTR Website

Take note of the following reminders upon entering information on the following fields:
  • FULL NAME - include your middle name
  • IC / PASSPORT - enter your ID number here (it might your Passport ID number, Driver's License ID number, SSS ID number, PhilHealth ID number)
  • EMAIL ADDRESS - enter your active or working email address. This is very important because this is where you're going to receive an email confirmation that you're already approved. Your Agent ID and Login Password will be sent to your email. Here's my email I receive that confirms the approval of my registration:
JJPTR Registration Approval Email Confirmation
  • BANK NAME - the name of the bank where you want your monthly profit be deposited. This is also where your money you want to withdraw be deposited.
  • BANK ACCOUNT - your bank account number
  • BANK HOLDER NAME - your bank account name (IMPORTANT NOTE: Bankholder name must be the same with registrant's name or else your registration will not be accepted.)
  • SPONSOR BY - enter your Sponsor's ID or Agent ID. You can also use my Sponsor/Agent ID: 213980 .
  • AMOUNT - the amount of your investment.
  • IC / PASSPORT (Choose File) - upload the screenshot of your government-issued valid ID ( (in scan copy, photo or pdf form). It should be clear and readable.
  • BANK SLIP (Choose File) - screenshot of deposit slip (in scan copy, photo or pdf form). (e.g. IC, Passport, SPASS, Work Permit, SSS ID, Driver's license ID, Passport, NBI, Voter's ID, Postal ID, TIN ID, PRC ID, or any government ID). It should be clear, texts should be readable and with at least 6 months validity.
  • Check the box under the Terms and Conditions
  • Enter captcha code shown
Don't forget to click the REGISTER button after checking all the information entered.

3. After clicking the REGISTER button, you will be redirected to another page which notifies the completion of your registration. Approval of your registration will take 1-2 days. See screenshot below:

JJPTR Registration Complete

Do you need help? Do you want to know more about JJPTR?

Please contact me at:

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