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Analysis on the Heat Transference of Rotary Kiln to Improve the Efficiency

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The rotation and heat regulations are directly related with the quality of clinkers, and the temperature of inner kiln, the current volume, and the left air indicators are important factors influencing the heat regulations.

Therefore, after the calculation and heat analysis for clinker rotary kiln and limestone rotary kiln, we know the mutual relationship among efficiency of rotary kiln, production capacity and gas consuming volume.

Through the acknowledgement of these related indictors, the heat regulations of rotary kiln and the casting condition can be understood and controlled freely.

Rotary kiln, suitable for the process of various industrial materials sintering, roasting, volatilization, calcining, isolation for its strong ability to provide good mixture and effectively heat transferring, has been widely used in metallurgical, concrete, usalite and chemical industrial process.

Based on the above analysis and calculations, the movement of the materials in rotary kiln was analyzed.

The movement (of the materials) can be divided into two regions, one is the active surface region, and the other is the solid region, and it goes under the way of rolling and falling.

The heat transfer process in rotary kiln goes with extremely complex physical and chemistry process.

Considering the revolving of the kiln body itself and the special movement way of the materials, as well as the influence of the material reaction dynamic parameters, we have established the unidimensional axial heat transfer model for rotary kiln.

The main part of the rotary kiln is a thin round cylinder, so rotary kilns are always large-sized and heavy with many supporting points.

In order to guarantee the rotary kiln can rotate continuously for a long time, from the mechanical points, the primary condition is to keep the cylinder straight and round, which is the key in the production and operation of cylinder.

Designers must meet this requirement as much as possible.

But there are a lot of difficulties in the design, production, transportation, installation, and operation of rotary kiln, because the machine is too large and heavy. http://vibratingscreenhongxing.blog.com/

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