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The Complex Motion and Types of Vibrating Screen

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The vibrating screen is widely used in petroleum, coal, chemical, metallurgical and other industries as an inevitable equipment of ore separating line, and its screening trajectory is divided into circular vibrating screen, elliptical vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, balanced elliptical vibrating screen, changeable elliptical vibrating screen, special trajectory.

According to the operating frequency of the excitation axis, the vibratory screen can be divided into single-frequency vibrating screen and multiplex frequency vibrating screen.

These are what we are seeking for.

Because there is no theoretical model and no experimental study of the complex - frequency vibrating screen, we will do some study of the working mechanism and the dynamic characteristics of complex-frequency vibrating screen, and the main works are as follows:

1.  Based on the mechanical system dynamics theory, establish rotating shaker’s dynamic model of complex-frequency vibrating screen with two motors of different speed.

2.  Study on the reverse two-speed rotary motors reverse vibrating screen, and establish the dynamic model.

3.  After the establishment of dynamic model, design the simulation model based on matlab/simulink. And simulate their horizontal, vertical direction of vibration, as well as the trajectory of center of mass and six characteristics points.

4.  Vibration test, and record the displacement, acceleration, trajectory, and other dynamic characteristics of complex-frequency vibrating screen. As the basic foundation, these dynamic parameters can be used to modify theoretical model and dynamic model.

And they also can be used to verify the reasonableness and correctness of dynamic model. 

Compare the structural characteristics and merits and demerits, the main characteristics of complex frequency vibrating screen are using different vibrating frequency and vibrating strength to escape " screen block” and "screen paste”, which is easier to get ideal vibrating amplitude and throwing parameters.

The screen amplitude has different distribution in different places, and it has complex motion trail of screen surface, which is the combination of circle motion, elliptical motion and waving motion.

Therefore, in the feeding part of the vibrating screen, the materials are soft and even, and there is no block in the discharging part, which leads to the high screening efficiency, simple installation, high processing capacity and long service life. http://sand-maker.blogspot.com/

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