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Ways to Maintain and Repair the Lower Bearing Grader of Classifiers

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The specification of screw classifier is decided according to its size, which is convenient and rapid, but the defect is short service life, which is normally nine to fifteen months. 

Users could depend on the processing capacity and broken degree of main bearing of the classifier to decide the repairing methods or replace completely.

There are generally two structural forms in the lower bearing grader of classifiers: the first is the rolling bearing and the second is rubber bearing supports.

The main cause of damage of rolling bearings is the leak of seal which leads to the damage of rolling bearing, and the main reason for sealing leaks are that the packing wear loose and high-pressure grease isn’t maintained timely.

Replace the rolling bearings, and pack the oil asbestos repeatedly to compress it tightly.

Fully fill the bearing internal cavity with grease lubrication, and add lubricating grease frequently into the bearing to maintain the outer pressure to avoid pulp invasive, which needs a higher sense of responsibility of the operation and maintenance workers.

Normally, the lower supporting base can be used up to a year, but because of the quality of installation and replacement, or the untimely lubrication, its service life could be reduced to less than one month sometimes.

Therefore, many users have improved the seal of the base, and they replace the oil asbestos with V-shaped ring of rubber or polyurethane material successfully, so the multilayer stack together instead of seals asbestos packing.

Because rubber and polyurethane have good flexibility and abrasion resistance, the sealing performance compared to asbestos packing is significantly improved, and the service life of the rolling bearing is also longer.

In the preparation of the raw material, due to the negative pressure generated by the high speed rotation of the wind wheel and the negative pressure generated by the outlet connected to the rear fan, hot air from the hot air inlet is introduced, and continuously fed by the wind wheel radially.

The broken materials form much even materials curtain after the sinking process in the wind separating area, and then they contact with hot wind fully and have heat transfer to be dried.

Wet air is discharged from wind port.

After wind sub-constituency materials in contact with the hot air in the suspended state, the efficiency of the classifier is higher, and the drying effect is remarkable. http://roarykiln.wordpress.com/

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