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Permit to Use Temporary Plate (Private) in Philippines

If you bought a brand new motorcycle, most often it has no official plate number yet. That's why, the motorcycle dealer will issue a "Permit to Use Temporary Plate" to the motorcycle owner (buyer). In this permit, your temporary plate number is indicated. Here are other details written in a "Permit to Use Temporary Plate (for Private)":

Permit to Use Temporary Plate (Private)

Transcription of the permit:

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Transportation and Communication
Land Transportation Office
Talisay City, Ocebu

Permit to Use Temporary Plate (Private)

Date: 04/04/2012


Permit is hereby granted to _________________________ of ______________________________, Cebu to use plate no. ___________ to a motor vehicle described below:

Make & Type: YAMAHA
Series: 115 VEGA DRUM
Motor Number:
Chassis Number:
Plate/Sticker Issued:
Current OR No.
Date Paid
Authorization Valid Until: UNTIL SUCH PLATE ARRIVE

The temporary plate no. must be an Exact Replica of the regular plate. This permit is valid until regular plate is available.

Distric Head (OIC)



Prefix & Numbers: Green
Background: White

While waiting for the regular plate, it is very important to keep this permit in your motorcycle tool box. In case of check points, you have something to show to the police officials, traffic officials or LTO officials. The permit is required for the verification of the authenticity and ownership of the motorcycle.
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1 May   (18 October 2016 8:14 AM)
I wanted to ask where could i get this affidavit? Do i personally type this or this is from the LTO office? How much does this affidavit cost from the LTO office.. The nearest lto office from where i live is LTO lawaan talisay..
waiting for a respond.. thank you..