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How to Open a BPI Account While Abroad (outside the Philippines)?

This is a question and answer portion. An answer is provided after the question. Someone asks about opening a BPI account while he's abroad (outside the Philippines).


"Hello, Good Day! I would like to open an account in BPI, Philippines. As of now, I'm working abroad. What the procedures to open an account while I'm here in other country. How to open a BPI account?"

- by Nilo


I would like to make it clear to everyone, because many still didn't know, that you can open a BPI account even if you're abroad (outside the Philippines). But you may ask, "How? Is there a BPI branch in my place of work".

To know if there's a BPI overseas office in your area, you may find it here: List of BPI Branch/Offices Outside the Philippines.

Before going to the said office, please bring at least two valid ids.

If you're denied from opening a BPI account, you may open an account here in the Philippine by personally going to a BPI branch.

Take note: You cannot open a BPI account online while you're there outside the Philippines. You need to go to a BPI branch in person because your personal signatures are required in the application forms.
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