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Drive Mobile Marketing Success in 2021 via moLotus

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Your consumers are on their phones constantly, including when they shop. Whether they're making a purchase or simply researching products, stores, and sellers, customers are relying on mobile devices. Market your products and services on mobile and drive success via moLotus.

moLotus - a mobile video customer interaction platform - is the outcome of relentless efforts by Novosol - a Singaporean mobile media and advertising multinational company.

The high volume message delivery coupled with its unique mobile video messaging, hyper-personalization, interaction, automation, and scalability features make moLotus a powerful mobile marketing platform. moLotus reaches directly to the customer's mobile phone inbox irrespective of his handset model or technology, ensuring better visibility for brand or advertiser’s message. It doesn’t even need data or internet connection. Feel free to reach us to uncover the potential of moLotus for your business.


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