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Opportunity to earn High-Margin Large Revenues & Great Returns

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Facing increased competition, service saturation, and threats from emerging competitors? Switch to moLotus empowered digitalization & revenue opportunity which has emerged as the new cutting-edge solution.

The inception of moLotus - a mobile video customer interaction platform - is a part of Novosol’s endeavor to build globally scalable platform benefitting advertisers and telco partners, emphasizing innovation and transformation and creating unmatched customer engagement.

moLotus capabilities make it a highly acclaimed ‘revenue-return destination’ for Telcos and Investors. It assists you in brand exposure & awareness, capturing & nurturing leads, customer acquisition, upselling & cross-selling, trade communication, loyalty and reward campaigns, high ARPU & CLV, and more. Aiming towards digital transformation, moLotus is re-creating processes for Telcos & Brands resulting in cost minimization and revenue maximization. Contact us today to explore how we can work together to help you.


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