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www.CebuJobs.PH - Reliable list of Jobs in Cebu

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www.CebuJobs.PH is a fast growing online job portal in Cebu launched in 2012 that strives to provide local and international job opportunities .Our mission is to become the bridge for the perfect marriage between employers and the right employees.

We offer a freemium service, where employers can advertise free job openings, receive applicants and purchase value-added tools for fast and effective hiring & recruitment for all industries. We want to provide the relevant information on employment techniques for employers and recruitment strategies for employment of candidates.

CebuJobs.PH is a subsidiary of Clicking Labs, a Cebu based company that specializes in connecting companies with the right people, the right way.


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Total comments: 16
sabiko   (04 April 2013 3:00 PM)
This is indeed a great site for looking for a job. It's clean. It's simple. It loads fast. And most of all - very efficient in filtering job preferences. So say goodbye to unemployment! Thanks cebu jobs! biggrin *Cheers to the developers!

disha   (26 March 2013 2:51 PM)
I thought that I will found my luck in Manila. Now I found my job in Cebu. This is the start of my Career. Thanks to CebuJobs.PH for awesome JobPosts!

Arianne Edison   (22 March 2013 5:09 PM)
Cebujobs.ph is really amazing!. I already have my job now. Thanks!.

juana colipano   (22 March 2013 4:23 PM)
Cebu jobs helped me improve the content of my resume. They will give you a lot of hints on how to impress the employers. I am very thankful to this site because I finally landed my first job as an accountant.

Melisa Chupalit   (21 March 2013 11:14 AM)
Cebu Jobs is the best job site to look for BPO Jobs in Cebu. They have a lot of job post from the the biggest BPO companies here in Cebu.

Christina Makabali   (20 March 2013 3:44 PM)
Cebu Jobs is the best job site to look for BPO Jobs in Cebu. They have a lot of job post from the the biggest BPO companies here in Cebu.

Paty McAbuhig   (14 March 2013 3:17 PM)
Cebujobs is the best Jobsite in Cebu for me. It has a very modern design and they really designed the site to suite the needs of our job-seekers and to help companies find the best people.

sabrina   (14 March 2013 2:49 PM)
Most of the job sites now are poorly designed or with not updated job post. Cebujobs.PH makes an exemption. This is the modern type of finding job. Easy and On time!

Paty McAbuhi   (28 February 2013 10:56 AM)
I've been searching jobs for summer when I this job site caught my attention. I am a graduating student, yet i want to experience a little before striking to a bigger world. It's really great finding such great opportunity like this.

YlayaMike   (21 February 2013 12:06 PM)
I tried applying online to Technical Support Jobs in Cebu before, but it ends up nothing. I waited for the result not knowing that my resume didn't reached the company where I am applying. I was so disappointed and that's the start why I hate job sites. But this Cebu job site changed my mindset. My girlfriend secretly applied me to a company through this job site, and less than  2 months, I was hired. That was my girlfriend's birthday gift to me. I was looking for Technical Support Jobs in Cebu a very long time ago, and only from site I found what I am looking for. Thanks to my girlfriend and to this site!

abelpepito   (20 February 2013 4:01 PM)
I really don't trust job sites. You know I am afraid that I am just wasting my time in some kind of a scum. But when I am getting tired in walk-in application. My mom encourage me to use it. As my uncle (her brother) just got his office job just recently because of applying here. So I decided to take a look at first and keep on scrolling down. As I look for admin jobs here in Cebu. I found out that there are lot of job opportunity here. I just can't imagine that If I didn't listen to my mom I shouldn't have the opportunity now. Thanks a lot Cebujobs.  smile

Cris Tricia   (14 February 2013 4:44 PM)
I have tried to sign up to other job sites, and nothing really happened to my application for and resume. I tried to visit the others and this Cebujobs catched my attention. Job sites have double purpose to an applicant like me. Instead I used this as a directory. And now, my efforts were all worth it. As I am now working as starting employee in Hotel and Resort here in Cebu.
I am so glad having Cebujobs, whom I know already helped a lot of Cebuanos!

gianpaulo   (14 February 2013 3:09 PM)
This site was introduced to me by my girlfriend when I told her I'm planning to find a job.  She told me that this job site was where her elder brother got a job, so I grab the chance to take a look. I was impressed by their site because it's not just for job postings, it serves also as a job help desk because of their community page! Fly high guys! smile

kenneth_trangia   (12 February 2013 1:52 PM)
CebuJobs is one of the newest job site in Cebu yet one of the most interesting site of all. They have amazing navigation on their job listings and they have their own community page wherein sapid topics are being posted.

And when I have applied online I received a call a day after, basing in this matter  it indicates already how serious they are in giving out the best of their service. I can even check my account what are the status of my job application.

This site is really a great help.

Nickie   (11 February 2013 5:35 PM)
I was looking around online for jobs in cebu and I came across this site. Cebujobs looks really nice and I could tell right away that it was always updated. My background is in IT and I saw that there are a lot of potential jobs for me to apply for. Right now, I'm just looking through the different companies that
which suits my personality.

Michelle   (11 February 2013 5:34 PM)
I tried to visit and use this site to find and apply for some relevant jobs ad it work out well. I am proud to say that I am now having my Internship in a very structured company. Thanks for this cebu job site! More power guys!