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Furniture Adjustable Bed

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It's Fully Adjustable! SlumberHigh can be adjusted in so many ways. You can change both the angle and elevation not only of your back, but also of your legs! So you can adjust SlumberHigh for any mood, need, or activity: For reading, watching TV, for taking pressure off any part of your body- legs lower back, upper back, shoulders or neck.
And whatever position you're in, your body is evenly supported! It feels like you're floating on air... so you can totally let go, relax and rest. What's more, either side of a SlumberHigh bed can be adjusted individually. So while your partner is sleeping on his/her side of the bed, you can be reclining, reading your book. Furthermore, SlumberHigh is designed to adjust without sound, so you won't be disturbing your partner when you adjust your side of the bed.
E-mail us: slumberhigh@gmail.com


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Marian Myrtle Onod   (22 August 2017 12:37 PM) [Entry]

Hello, how much is the adjustable bed? What are its dimensions? Can u please show more pictures especially how it operates?