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50Pcs Dental Diamond Burs FG Round with Neck 802S-014M/BC-S42/201-M Medium Grit

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"Lusterdent Dental Diamond Burs FG BC-S42/802S-014M/201-M for High Speed Handpiece

Please note that our Diamond Burs are magnetic and you do not need to worry about the finding job after busy work any more.

One small piece of magnet can slove all your troubles.

Code: BC-S42 (Asia) / 802S-014M (America) / 201-M (Europe)

Head Shape: Round with Neck

Head Diameter(Max): 1.4mm

Head Length(mm): 2.3

Total Length(mm):  16.5

Grit Guide: Blue (Medium) →125μm

Authentication: ISO  CE  FDA



50Pcs = 10 Blisters


1. Imported High Quality French Raw Material with Diamond Grit and Stainless Steel(HZ 800 French Magnetized Metal).

2. Burs head are made of natural diamond powder, multi-layered Grit, Grit particles uniform, high wear resistance.

3. Been produced under international standards, premium quality precision polishing technology.

4. French advanced engineered diamond technology, high precision machining quality.

5. With maximum cutting efficiency, good safety performance and anti-broken material.

6. Concentricity tolerance is less than 0.003mm, no damage to high speed handpiece.

7. There are more than 300 models and a complete range of products in Lusterdent. 

8. With high strength & durability, high sharpness & outstanding cutting efficiency.

9. Containing magnetic, very easy to pick up, improves the working efficiency.

10. Diamond can be disinfected under the high temperature and high pressure.

11. Burs head are extremely tough, very hard to break it.

12. Pure stainless steel shank, never get rust. 

13. One bur can prepare 8~10 teeth at least.


1. Our Diamond Burs are magnetic. At present there are a lot of iron Diamond Burs Holder Block Disinfection Box, 

     Containing magnetic bur is easier to place, The magnetic bur is easier to find after finishing using,So It improves the dentists’ working efficiency.

2. The magnetic burs can generate a magnetic field and attract the Diamond Grit in the high-speed operation, making the Diamond Grit more attached to 

     the bur body, and preventing the Grit from flying into the patient's mouth at the high-speed operation, thus effectively improving the safety of clinical operation.

Size options: 

More than 300 models for your choice !!!  Your Best Choice~ 

Please feel free to contact us if you don't find the models you want in our store.

Popular sizes for your reference:

TF-11  TF-12  TF-13  TF-14  TF-21  TF-42  TF-S11  TF-11C  TF-12C  TF-12F  TF-11EF  TF-21EF  TF-12H

TR-11  TR-12  TR-13  TR-15  TR-19  TR-22  TR-25  TR-S23  TR-11C  TR-12C  TR-13C  TR-11F   TR-11EF  TR-12EF  TR-21EF  TR-25EF  TR-26EF

BR-25  BR-29  BR-30  BR-31  BR-40  BR-41  BR-45  BR-46  BR-49  BR-L29  BR-L31  BR-L41  BR-L45  BR-S46  BR-31C  BR-40C  BR-41C  BR-50F  BR-41EF

FO-11  FO-20  FO-21  FO-28  FO-30  FO-32  FO-32C  FO-28F  FO-30F  FO-32F  FO-20EF  FO-22EF  FO-31EF  FO-32EF  FO-32H

SF-11  SF-12  SF-13  SF-20  SF-21  SF-40  SF-41  SF-42  SF-43  SF-11C  SF-42C  SF-11EF  SF-11H

TC-10  TC-11  TC-20  TC-21  TC-26  TC-11C TC-11F  TC-20F  TC-11EF  TC-20EF

SR-11  SR-20  SR-22  SR-23  SR-11C  SR-11EF  SR-21EF  SR-11H

WR-11  WR-12  WR-13  WR-31F  DW-11  DW-12 

SI-46  SI-47  SI-48  SI-47C  ZJ-11  ZJ-13  ZJ-20

EX-11  EX-12  EX-20  EX-21  EX-24  EX-03F

SO-22  SO-21EF  BC-S42  CR-11EF

CD-50F  CD-52F  CD-58F  CD-59F

Delivery Time: 

1. Most items will be shipped by SpeedPAK or China Post Air within 1 business day after payment confirmed by Ebay. 

2. In case you need us to send different shipping address, please contact us and leave message first. 

3. If you need Fast Express, please contact us in time, but additional fee will be charged.

4. Free Fast Express will be arranged if your order amount is large enough. 

5. Please get patient if the item is postponed due to the delay of customs clearance.

USA/ UK/ Germany/ France/ Italy/ Australia/ Canada/ Russia : 8-12 working days

Spain/ Portugal/ Austria/ Belgium/ Swiss/ Czech Republic : 8-12 working days

Denmark/ Hungary/ Ireland/ Netherlands/ Poland/ Sweden : 8-12 working days

Korea/ Japan/ Thailand/ Southeast Asia: 7-15 working days

Other European Countries: 10-18 working days

Brazil/ Chile/ Mexico: 10-30 working days

Greece/ Saudi Arabia:7-15 working days

Israel/ Ukraine: 10-15 working days 

Peru:30-60 working days

Other Countries: 10-45 working days

Return and Exchange Policy: 

30 Days Free Returns: 

If the item you receive is not as described or damaged during the shipment, please contact us and send related pictures. We shall send you new one instead or refund you the full payment.

If the parcel is get lost during the shipment, we will refund you the full money to you after check and confirmation. 


If you are satisfied with the items and our services, please kindly leave Positive Feedback and All Five Stars,Thank you so much! 

If you are not satisfied with the items, please contact us first, we will try our best to solve the problem.

Any problems are welcome via email or message to us. We will be very patient to solve your worries. Serving you is our big honor."


1st picture of 50Pcs Dental Diamond Burs FG Round with Neck 802S-014M/BC-S42/201-M Medium Grit For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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