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Hairsoreal HSR Hair Loss Concealer Hair Building Fibers For Bald Spots (Black) ~

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"HSR, Hairsoreal, Hair Loss Concealer, Hair Building Fibers  
Cover your bald spots instantly

Color : BLACK

No More Bald Spots

Hair fibers are protein based keratin micro fibers designed  to match your existing hair and to cover any embarrassing bald spots 
Works perfectly for both men and women

- HairSoReal is a 100% SAFE drug free hair loss solution and prudent alternative to costly hair transplant procedures.
- HSR can combat BOTH male and female hair loss.
- Don't let thin hair and baldness cause any more aggravation
- Hair So Real Hair Product is an instant solution to balding

HairSoReal can easily be applied in 4 easy steps

1)  For best results, wash, dry & style your hair
2)  Sprinkle HairSoReal over the thinning area until the scalp is no longer visible
3)  Using your hand, gently pat the microfibers into place 
4)  Apply your favorite hair spray over the area treated with Hair So Real

So Simple, Yet So Effective


Select the Area You Want to Cover
Using a hand-held mirror find the thinning area you want to thicken. HairSoReal will cover and thicken any thinning area on your head. It works well on the crown, back and even all-over thinning.

Sprinkle the Hair Fibers Over Bald Spots and Thinning Areas
Hold the container of Hairsoreal a couple of inches above your head and sprinkle the hair fibers all over the selected area. 
The simple motion you need to apply the product is similar to sprinkling salt or pepper. 

Use Your Hand to Gently Pat Covered Areas
As you sprinkle the hair fibers of HairSoReal or Toppik, use your hand to gently pat the areas you are covering. This help the hair fibers set in place. Again, using your hand held mirror check the areas. If you want more coverage, then sprinkle some more product on and pat again. Repeat the process until you are completely satisfied with the results. 

Ready in Less than a Minute! 
In only 30 to 40 seconds the whole process will be complete. It is easy, inexpensive and convenient to incorporate using Hair-so-Real or Toppik into your daily grooming routine. The best part is that you will be ready to face your day with a head full of hair.

Worry Free!

Everything You Need to Know About HAIRSOREAL

Hair-So-Real is one of the best known hair loss concealers. This products is designed to disguise thinning hair and bald spots by filling them in with hair fibers. 
The hair fibers in Hair-so-real are microscopic in size and made of keratin, which is the same protein that makes-up human hair.

As you shake the product above the area you wish to thicken or cover the microfibers get electrically charged attach to your existing hair through the natural ""static cling"" or ""electricity"" of your hair. 

As the micro hair fibers continue to land they attach also to themselves and begin forming a canopy of hair over the scalp, effectively covering any balding areas. 

Hair loss concealers like Hairsoreal are effective even when most of the hair is gone and only thin vellus hair or ""peach fuzz"" remains.

Also Available In Colors :"


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