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Eurorack Patch Cables - Set of 5 mono patch cables 3.5mm (96 Options)

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"Beautiful 3.5mm to 3.5mm mono patch cables for your modular system.
10 single colours, 2 colour combinations and 8 lengths. This includes an extra short 5cm option and extra long 300cm option. Get the colours and lengths you really want.
Clear sounding patches. Due to the fully shielded construction you will get less interference from external sources like TV, Mobile phone, Internet and Radio.
Comes in sets of 5 cables.

So you’re building your eurorack system into your ultimate music making, sound creating machine. You spent a lot of time and money buying the best sounding, most creative, most inspiring modules. Don’t you want the best way to connect these modules?

If you do you came to the right place. PolarNoise Eurorack Patch Cables are the best you can get. Giving you great looking, great feeling patch cables with the cleanest signal.

PolarNoise Eurorack Patch Cables come in 10 colours, 2 colour combinations and 8 length options including an extra short 5cm option for those who want to keep their patches super tidy. Choose a set of 5 cables in the colour you want. For more variation, choose one of the colour combinations. Choose Combi 1 if you like bright coloured patches. Choose Combi 2 if you’re more into monochrome with accent colours.

The playful strain relief will make sure you won’t lose your grip.

But excellent signal transfer is obviously the most important for a great patch cable. PolarNoise patch cables got you covered here. The pure copper wiring with high density spiral shielding gets your audio and CV signals from source to destination as cleanly as possible. This means less interference from external signals like radio, electricity and internet. The nickel plated plugs deliver rugged durability and excellent signal transfer.

This is why serious musicians choose our cables.

Other lengths and colours available:

Length Options:5cm, 15cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 90cm, 150cm, 300cm

Colour Options: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Pink, White, Grey, Black, Combi 1 (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, one of each in chosen length), Combi 2 (Blue, Pink, White, Grey, Black, one of each in chosen length)

PolarNoise Patch Cables: Bring some ROAR in your Eurorack."


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