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Mohair Weft ASH BLONDE, 3" - 4" X 36" Ideal for Reborn dolls

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Beautiful wefted 100% genuine mohair for your doll Mohair, which comes from the Angora goat, is smaller in diameter than human hair or the fibres of most ready-made synthetic wigs, so it is more in scale for the size of dolls. Also, the variation in colour that naturallyoccurs within a strand of mohair creates a soft, natural look. Mohair locks, which have already been washed, dyed, sewn to a cord in a strip (wefted) and combed, come pre-packaged in 36” lengths in thirteen different colours. Our wefts are of the finest quality genuine100% mohair and perfect for BJD's, Reborns or making custom wigs for your porcelain dolls. The length of the mohair varies batch to batch, and colour to colour. Generally speaking the majority of strands of hair are between 3" - 4", with some slightly longer. The net weight of the mohair is approx 1/3 oz, or 8-11 grams We also carry a variety of colours of 5” – 6” wefted mohair and English mohair A sample of the feedback we have received from satisfied customers: ....Fantastic quality mohair, gorgeous colors! ....Highly recommend above 5***all round....The nicest new baby mohair I have ever used, lays flat on the head, beautiful ....Fine just like new born hair, easy to use ....Best wefted mohair I have ever had. Thank you!!....Arrived safely, in excellent time.Just as advertised. Great vendor. Very happy!....Love this hair. Thanks so much. Will order from again. AAAAA++++++Q & A How to do you tell the difference between GENUINE and SYNTHETIC mohair? One solution which is very effective for individuals that have trouble identifying mohair from synthetic fabric is the “burn” or “ash” test. Pull a few fibres off the mohair and twist them between your fingers together to make a larger piece. Take a cigarette lighter or match and burn the strands. Synthetic mohair will burn with a crusty substance left similar to melting plastic, simply because it is "synthetic". Mohair & other natural fibres will burn but leave an ash. Picking the remainders up after cooling and feeling them between your fingers and smelling is the best way to help identify the difference. The burnt fibres will also smell like burnt human hair. Can mohair be styled like real human hair using water, heat and hair products? Yes, being a natural mohair can be styled just like human hair. Be very careful using curling irons or flat irons- it will burn just like human hair. Conditioner actually relaxes the mohair. If you want it back to the original curls, just spray some water on the hair and scrunch it up and let dry naturally. NEVER blow dry mohair…IT WILL frizz terribly. Hair products: NEVER use heavy chemical products. use use products that have natural oils in them. The dryer or coarser the hair, the more you need.Brought to you by Porcelain Dolls By ME -  Australia's largest range of doll-making products


1st picture of Mohair Weft ASH BLONDE,  3" - 4" X 36"  Ideal for Reborn dolls For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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