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Plastic Skeleton/Armature for dolls, toys & teddies 3/8" - roll of 25'

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"“Jeton” brand 3/8""  “Snap-Proof” Plastic Armature in a convenient
25' (approx


There are two types of doll armature – the older
“standard” type and the new “Snap-Proof” 
- please refer to the listing pictures.  This “Snap-Proof” armature
from the premium doll armature manufacturer ""Jeton"" has a spherical
shape to the small end of the link.

This improved link shaping allows for maximum
contact inside the joining link, thereby providing a higher degree of friction,
and in turn strength of the joint.  This
added strength, together with the rounder shape of the link(s) also allows for
greater flexibility (shaping) without the problem of a bend breaking.

Important information concerning the sizing of doll armature.The
plastic armature used for today's doll-making was originally designed
to be used as flexible hose for the transmission of fluids and the
measurement terms refers to the diameter of the hole in the middle of
the link.  Thereby enabling users to judge the volume of fluid that
could be transmitted.At
some stage a couple of decades ago doll-makers realised the armature
was perfect for creating doll skeletons, and they simply adopted the
manufacturers size reference of the armature.Jetonic
now manufacture doll-making specific armature (called Snap Proof) that
is a solid link and is fully inter-changable with the older type link.It
is important to recognise the sizing reference bears no relation to the
actual physical dimension of the armature - please refer to the photo
for actual sizin


To complete our doll/teddy armature skeleton range
we also sell aluminum ¼” armature pliers, spare 1/4"" ""+"" &
""Y"" joints  as well as a full range of armature supplies in 1/8”
and 3/16” sizes.

Porcelain Dolls By ME carry
the largest range of dollmaking supplies in Australia.  Owned an operated
by a doll artisan with over 25 years experience, and recognised by the
international Doll Artisan Guild with their highest certification of the
""Triple Crown of Doll-making"" you can be assured in that we only
sell the highest quality products."


1st picture of Plastic Skeleton/Armature for dolls, toys & teddies 3/8" - roll of 25' For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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