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Warhammer AOS / 40K Chaos Space Marines : Soul grinder • NIB Chaos Daemon

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Picture 1 for visual representation only.Model is New In Box • Unpainted, PlasticThis multi-part plastic boxed set contains 63 components and a 100mm x 150mm base, with which to build one Soul Grinder.You can use this kit for collections of both Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 miniatures.The Soul Grinder is an immense creation. The top half of the model, from waist to head, consists of grim-looking, exposed tendons and musculature. But from the waist down, and at certain extremities on its head and arm, it is fused with barbaric metal. Its many legs are chunky plates of metal or thick blades, and they are covered in intricate details from pistons and skulls to the Chaos star; yet they still display the occasional flash of flesh to denote that this is not fully a machine. As well as one huge metal claw, the model can be armed with either a massive blade or a chitinous claw. SHIPPINGRETURNSFAQ Delivery time: Shipping generally processed within 24-48 hours of payment (Please allow for extra time on weekends and holidays)I print out my shipping labels using the address that you supply to Ebay. If the item goes to the wrong address I am not responsible for replacing your order. However, I will gladly reship to the new supplied address if the package is returned to me by shipping service ( at the cost of shipping to you). I try to include details on any issues in the listing and/or within the pictures. Please ask any questions before bidding.If there is a mistake with your order please send me a message so that I can work with you to resolve the issue. *Nobody is perfect*. Leaving bad feedback without an opportunity to address or remedy the issue should be a last resort.I offer returns for any mistakes I should make, should you receive the wrong item. Simply open a return item claim through Ebay and they will send you a return shipping label.Be polite and concise in your email and give me the opportunity to fix the problem. Check out my other auctions in my Ebay store for other great deals and combined shipping discounts! When will my item ship? Once you checkout and pay, your order is processed for shipment and I will it have it out the door within two business days. What is the best way to contact you? Please use eBay messages. If you do not receive a reply within one (1) business day, please resend the message. I am not always able to answer messages on the weekend or holidays.When is payment due? Please provide payment as soon as possible (If you have multiple bids and they do not all end at the same time wait until your final auction ends and request an invoiced total) the sooner I receive payment the sooner I can process your order and get your item(s) shipped. Final payment is due within 7 days. If not received by then the auction will cancel and you will no longer be eligible to receive it. Depending on circumstances I may open a dispute case for unpaid items. Please don't bid on my auctions if you do not have the intention of completing the transaction.What is your return policy? If your item arrives broken (excluding breaks at glue points) and you wish for a refund please contact me and provide pictures. I will handle each instance on a case by case basis.Do you charge sales tax? Sales tax is charged according to eBay policy.Canadian Customers: Shipping to Canada is not available at this time. Please visit our eBay store to check out other items for sale! © Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved


1st picture of Warhammer AOS / 40K Chaos Space Marines : Soul grinder • NIB Chaos Daemon For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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