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Cummins Fuel Pressure Relief Valve 1 110 010 021

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#Cummins Fuel Pressure Relief Valve 1 110 010 021 #
Where to buy quality Cummins Fuel Pressure Relief Valve,China lutong is your best choice.
Wholesale High performance Cummins Fuel Pressure Relief Valve apply to Toyota
Good Quality Cummins Fuel Pressure Relief Valve from China Lutong.
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Product Description:
Pencil nozzle: Pencil Nozzle is one of the main components of fuel injection systems.
It regulates the flow of fuel to the ultimate ignition Compartment.
The main function of Pencil nozzle is to convert the diesel into the diesel vapours and spray it on the piston.

China Lutong Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts. Our majored products is Ve Pump, diesel injection parts, diesel nozzle, diesel injection parts, diesel engine parts, diesel fuel injection system, and the interrelated products (such as Head Rotor, Feed Pump, Cam Plate, Drive Shaft, Manget Valve, etc. ), Plunger(A, AS, P, PS7100, P8500, MW type, etc. ), Nozzle (Dn, DNOPDN, S, SN, PN and so on. ), Delivery Valve, Pencil Nozzles and so on.
Product Name Type NO. Serial Number Stamping NO.
Pencil nozzle   20494 20494
Pencil nozzle   20668 20668
Pencil nozzle   26632 26632
Pencil nozzle   26964 26964


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