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Diesel-injector nozzles 105007-1080 DN0PDN108 engine injection nozzle on sale

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Diesel-injector nozzles 105007-1080  DN0PDN108 engine injection nozzle on sale

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Body Material:Steel
Component:Auto Nozzle
Certification:ISO9001, TS16949, CE, E-Mark, CCC, RoHS, COP
Stroke:6 Stroke

Fuel Saver Type: Bosch Nozzle, Bosch Common Rail Nozzle
Carburettor Type: Diesel Injector Nozzle, Crin CRI Nozzle
Type: Common Rail Inejctor Nozzle 1385
Bosch Common Rail Nozzle Model No.: Bosch Dlla158p1385
Bosch Nozzle OEM No.: Dlla158p1385 0433171860
Crin CRI Injector No.: 0 445 120 027 Nozzle
for: Bosch Common Rail Nozzle
Brand Name: Dyd, OEM, Neutral
Brand:Common Rail Nozzle
MOQ: 1 Piece
Delivery Time: Within 1-2 Days After Payment, You Can Receive Good
Box Size: 10(Cm)*4.5(Cm)*7.5(Cm)
Transport Package: Inner Plastic Tube, Outer Is Box
HS Code: 8409999100 

Increasing the nozzle pressure ratio further will not increase the throat Mach number above one. Downstream the flow is free to expand to supersonic velocities; however, Mach 1 can be a very high speed for a hot gas because the speed of sound varies as the square root of absolute temperature. This fact is used extensively in rocketry where hypersonic flows are required and where propellant mixtures are deliberately chosen to further increase the sonic speed.

Divergent nozzles slow fluids if the flow is subsonic, but they accelerate sonic or supersonic fluids.
Convergent-divergent nozzles can therefore accelerate fluids that have choked in the convergent section to supersonic speeds. This CD process is more efficient than allowing a convergent nozzle to expand supersonically externally. The shape of the divergent section also ensures that the direction of the escaping gases is directly backwards, as any sideways component would not contribute to thrust. 

China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional OEM & Aftermarket parts supplier, which specialized in Head Rotors, diesel nozzle, plunger, delivery valve, Bosch head rotor, diesel injector, pencil nozzle for all kinds of vehicles and diesel engines. We have strong technique power, advanced equipment, craft, first class processing test equipment, perfect quality assurance system and excellent after services.We are always at your disposal to provide you with high quality products, perfect service and fast delivery at competitive price.
We Have  advantages :
1) 28 years  produce experience with  capacious warehousing
2) a competelty warranty systerm
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4) standard packing or as required
5) Factory price 
If you have any interested in our products or have any inquiry, Please don't hesitate to contact us. We will give you the best price, best quality and best service.

Item Type Reference Stamping
Nozzle P common rail 093400-8640 DLLA145P864
Nozzle P common rail 093400-7150 DLLA157P715
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 449 DSLA128P1510
Nozzle P common rail 093400-8700 DLLA145P870
Nozzle P common rail 093400-1024 DLLA145P1024
Nozzle P common rail 095000-5601 DLLA158P844
Nozzle P common rail 105019-1540 DLLA154PN270
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 414 DSLA146P1409
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 271 DSLA143P970
Nozzle P common rail 970950-0547 DLLA158P854

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3rd picture of Diesel-injector nozzles 105007-1080 DN0PDN108 engine injection nozzle on sale For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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