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pump head replacement 096400-1000 4/10R fit for TOYOTA 2C-L

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pump head replacement 096400-1000 4/10R fit for TOYOTA 2C-L

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Diesel parts VE pump head rotor 096400-1000 4/10R fit for TOYOTA 2C-L

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Item Name:Denso Head Rotor
OEM number:096400-1000
Stamping No.: 1000
Fit for Engine: TOYOTA 2C-L
Waranteen : 1 Year

Whatsapp: 0086 13850268933

China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional and the most trusted diesel fuel injection systems supplier in Fujian, China. Based on 20 years of experiences in the Diesel Parts manufacturer and develop, we know exactly what our customers’ demands and can offer our best Diesel engine Spare Parts as per their demands for all known international car brand. We always aim to offer the high quality engine parts to all our clients. The exhibition attracted more than 100 countries around the world professional visitors to come and purchase. At the TÜYAP Fair at booth G119 in Hall 12, China Lutong presents its entire brands and product lines as well as its automobile aftermarket components, parts, Tools & Equipment this year. The special highlights are our COMMON RAIL system and our diesel injection system. However, the more than 30,000 expected visitors can also get information about the other products from our comprehensive range for the Diesel Fuel Injection Components, Parts and Spares

This exhibition brought together from all over the world well-known enterprises,such as Bosch,Delphi, Denso, Lucas. And it has became a unique opportunity to generate business with the decision makers in the market.

In this exhibition, China Lutong received new and old guests from Brazil, as well as other countries in South America, Chile, Peru and Argentina, etc. At this time,we showcases our representative VE pump parts and our new research,such as control valves(9308-621B/9308-622B/CAT(C7, C9)/Volvo (7206-0379)), Denso, Bosch common rail injectors (095000-5471, 0445110190).

Our Advantage:
1.High quality products
2.Strong Suppy Capacity.
3.Capacious warehousing
4.competitive factory price
5.Complete after-sale service system 

Denso No. MFR No. PUMP No. MFR Name Engine Type REMAKING
096400-0062 22140-54010 096000-3850 TOYOTA 1N-T 4/9R
096400-0130 22140-54260 096000-0651 TOYOTA L 4/9R
096400-0141 22140-54410 096000-3060 TOYOTA 2L-T 4/9R
096400-0142 22140-54410 096000-1920 TOYOTA 2L 4/9R
096400-0143 22140-54410 096000-3190 TOYOTA 2L-T 4/9R
096400-0173 22140-87701-000 096000-1161 DAHIATSU CL10 4/9L
096400-0210 22140-64150 096000-1020 TOYOTA 1C-L 4/9R
096400-0232 096000-2250 MITSUBISHI 4D5T 4/10R
096400-0240 22140-64400 096400-1020 TOYOTA 1C-L 4/9R
096400-0241 22140-64400 096000-2460 TOYOTA 1C 4/9R
096400-0242 22140-64400 096000-2300 TOYOTA 1C-L 4/9R
096400-0261 096000-1840 KOMATSU 4D95L 4/12R
096400-0262 096000-6630 KOMATSU 4D95S 4/12R
096400-0280 22140-87702-000 096000-2071 DAIHTSU CL-T 4/9R
096400-0301 096000-2930 MITSUBISHI 4D65T 4/9R
096400-0302 096000-4460 MITSUBISHI 4D65T 4/9R
096400-0400 096000-4420 MITSUBISHI 4D65 4/9R
096400-0431 22140-78300-71 096000-3501 TICO 1Z 4/12R
096400-0432 22140-96300 096000-3830 TOYOTA 1Z 4/12R
096400-0510 096000-0512 MAZDA XA 4/9R
096400-1000 22140-6A511 096000-4320 TOYOTA 2C-L 4/10R
096400-1010 22140-55110 096000-3850 TOYOTA 1N-T 4/9R
096400-1020 22140-55190 096000-3510 TOYOTA 1N 4/9R
096400-1030 22140-54263 096000-1601 MITSUBISHI 4D6 4/9R
096400-1050 096000-1161 DAIHTSU CL10 4/9L
096400-1060 22140-58690 096000-3810 TOYOTA 3B 4/9R
096400-1080 096000-2160 MITSUBISHI 4D5-SL 4/10R
096400-1090 22140-55130 096000-2990 TICO 2J 4/9R
096400-1110 096000-2071 DAIHTSU CL-T 4/9R
096400-1130 096000-4460 MITSUBISHI 4D65T 4/9R
096400-1140 096000-7120 MITSUBISHI 4D65 4/9R
096400-1160 22140-5B270 096000-7090 TOYOTA 1N-T 4/10R
096400-1180 096000-0510 MAZDA XA 4/9R
096400-1190 22140-87706-000 096000-3600 DAIHTSU CL-T 3/9L
096400-1210 22140-78330-71 096000-7300 TICO 12Z 6/12R
096400-1220 096000-1840 KOMATSU 4D95L 4/12R
096400-1230 8-97161856-0 096000-2831 ISUZU 4JG2 4/12R
096400-1240 22140-56350 096000-4640 TOYOTA 14B 4/12R
096400-1250 22140-54730 096000-4910 TOYOTA 3L 4/10R
096400-1260 22140-56290 096000-4530 TOYOTA B 4/9R
096400-1270 22140-6A590 096000-5170 TOYOTA 2C-T 4/10R
096400-1300 22140-78200-71 096000-3620 TICO 1DZ 4/10R
096400-1320 22140-17140 096000-6400 TOYOTA 1HD-T 6/12R
096400-1330 22140-17010 096000-6261 TOYOTA 1HZ 6/10R
096400-1360 22140-6D050 096000-6940 TOYOTA 2C-TL 4/10R
096400-1400 22140-55230 096000-7850 TOYOTA 1N 4/10R
096400-1430 MD627098 096000-8104 MITSUBISHI 4S68T 4/10R
096400-1441 096500-3071 TOYOTA 1KZ-TE
096400-1481 096500-2011 TOYOTA 3C-TE
096400-1490 22140-6D500 096000-9330 TOYOTA 2C-L 4/10R
096400-1500 22140-17810 196000-2300 TOYOTA 1HZ 6/10R
096400-1581 22140-5C090 196000-0062 TOYOTA 15B-F 4/12R
096400-1600 196000-1490 ISUZU 4JB1 4/11L
096400-1700 22140-17841 096000-9721 TOYOTA 1HD-FT 6/12R
096400-1710 196000-1383 MAZDA J19A 4/10R
096400-1790 22140-5B820 196000-2521 TOYOTA 2L 4/10R

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1st picture of pump head replacement 096400-1000 4/10R fit for TOYOTA 2C-L For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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