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1:1 FSB to DRAM Ratio

1:1 FSB to DRAM Ratio

Why is it recommended to have a 1:1 ratio of Front-side Bus and DRAM? Does it really affect the performance of the CPU?

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"Many people advice 1:1 ratio, but there are also testimonies for the opposite.
For example, see So much for 1:1 fsb:dram ratio being the best.

I quote from FSB:DRAM 1:1 ratio question:

The higher clocked the RAM is, the
more performance one will get from the
RAM. the 1:1 thing is a bunch of bull.
Other devices besides the CPU request
and store in RAM. Just look at any
modern day video card and you will see
the RAM clocked 2 or 3X higher than
the GPU. Considering the bus of the P4
is quad pumped (4 signals per clock)
compared to DDR, which is only at 100,
133, 166, or 200 (double pumped, ie 100
= 200DDR). There is QUITE a bit of lag between the CPU and RAM. So PLEASE
stop saying the 1:1 ratio BS around
here. The faster the RAM, the faster
the access time and the more data can
be sent in and out. I am NOT trying to
insult anyone here, but I am trying to
stop the BS rumor from spreading any

Just run Sisoft Sandra at different
RAM speeds and see how much more data
one can pump through it. Or run any
benchmark (3Dmark for example) with the
different RAM settings, the higher the
RAM clock, the higher the score.

So please STOP spreading this rumor."