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2 ssd harddisks into 1 partition

2 ssd harddisks into 1 partition

I have 2 64GB SSD harddisks and I want to make 1 128GB partition from these 2 drives. How can I achieve that? If there's a solution other than RAID, is it safer than RAID? (Since RAID is a little bit dangerous - data can be lost easily.)

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"Without using RAID you can mount one disk inside the other. This does not make a single partition across both disks, each will have a separate partition. You can create an empty directory and then go to Disk Management (start > run > diskmgmt.msc) and right click on the volume label for the second disk and select Change Drive Letter or Mount Point, and assign the mount point to the empty folder you've created. Essentially that hard drive, instead of being D: or E: or whatever, is now mounted inside that folder. You can then install applications or store data there, etc.

Though SSD failures in modern drives are a lot lower than traditional hard drives. As long as you do backups once in a while I wouldn't have a huge problem doing RAID 0 with two SSDs."