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2 USB Headsets, 1 PC, 1 Skype account

2 USB Headsets, 1 PC, 1 Skype account

We use Skype to call our parents overseas to a landline, and would like to use 2 USB Headsets at the same time on our side. Can it be done?

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"I know this is the wrong answer to this question and don't expect any votes but for posterity.

We do the same thing several times a week with remote kids. Our solution which is much more comfortable was to get a web-cam that has a mic with fantastic range (we chose a Labtec 2200, $8 on Ebay). Then got an inexpensive set of USB laptop speakers. Even when we don't do video, we still use the camera mic because it is just more comfortable and offers better sound than the headsets. I can be anywhere in the room and speak conversationally with no problems."