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2nd/3rd version of wireless network appears

2nd/3rd version of wireless network appears

I replaced an old SpeedTouch ADSL router with a Netgear DG384 that I have and whilst doing so decided to change the wireless password. For this question assume my wireless network SSID is DeddersHome.

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"Windows 7 and possibly Vista as well incorporate some behind the scenes checks on which AP is serving that SSID and whether they are all part of the same network or not, making it a ""feature"" to make it possible to choose between networks that incorrectly advertise the same SSID even though they are different networks (as may often be the case if a default or generic SSID is used). Completely removing the network and then re-associating on the clients may fix it.

arstechnica***/civis/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=36342 discusses the issue and other possible solutions in more detail."