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50 Recent Applications on Mac OS X

50 Recent Applications on Mac OS X

I know that you can add a recent applications stack to the Dock, which is fine but very limited. I would like the last 50 or perhaps even 100 apps, sorted by last launch. I do not want to use the keyboard for this (sometimes I don't have one around), so my whole point here is to have it work with just the mouse.

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"A couple ways. In System Preferences -> Appearance, you can set number of recent items. I'm not sure if that affects the stack or just the list under the Apple menu. You can set max 50 for that.
Another way, that I haven't tried, is in another Mac OS X Hints article, which says:

If you followed this hint to create a Recent Items stack in the 10.5 Dock, you know that by default it shows or lists five items.
Now, if you're like me, you'll think it looks silly with a row of three on the top and only two on the bottom. To change it so that there are six items listed, go to the Terminal and type this:
defaults write com.apple.recentitems ABC -dict MaxAmount nn

Replace ABC with either Applications or Documents, and replace nn with an even number. Your stack (and the Recent Items menu) should now have an even number of entries."