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64 bit OS and VPN software

64 bit OS and VPN software

I am using 64 bit Vista but as a consultant I find it very frustrating when clients use proprietary(Cisco usually) VPN software that will only work with a 32 bit OS. I am not interested in a dual booting solution. I don't mind using a VM however, I find that some proprietary(Cisco usually) VPN software doesn't "enjoy" running in a XP or Vista 32 bit VM environment.

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Guest [Entry]

"I had the exact same problem with using my works VPN. The cisco client was then only 32bit.

I found the NCP Secure Entry Client works perfectly on Vista 64bit.

It did take some experimentation with a few configuration settings to get it running.
But I've been using it now for more then a year, and can recommend it."
Guest [Entry]

"I've used the Cisco VPN client software in a Windows XP 32-bit VM running on VMware on a Windows Vista 64-bit host. The VPN software works flawlessly, and never complains about not enjoying itself :-) In fact, if I couldn't get the VPN client to work reliably in the VM, I wasn't about to upgrade my main PC to Vista 64-bit. But it worked, and I did, and now I have 8GB RAM.

The other issue running the VPN in a VM solved for me was that I could never print to my network-based printer when I was connected to the VPN, since the VPN client insisted on turning off access to the local network whilst VPN'd to the remote network. Now, I can print to a local PDF or XPS printer in the XP guest OS, copy the file to the host Vista OS, then send the file to the printer."