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802.11g USB wireless adapter with Linux AP support [closed]

802.11g USB wireless adapter with Linux AP support [closed]

Are there any USB wireless adapters out there that support 802.11g in AP mode under Linux? Binary drivers are a no-go, as I plan to use it with an ARM device. Support for WPA would be very desirable as well.

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Guest [Entry]

"It appears that the Linksys WUSB54G is supported by prism54, which claims to support AP mode, so I'll give that a shot. Moshen pointed me to linux-drivers.org, which pointed me in the right direction.


The WUSB54G has multiple variants, not all of which are supported by prism54. I ended up finding a Netgear WG121, which worked nicely through prism54."
Guest [Entry]

"I'm not sure about non-x86 support, but I could get a ralink PCI card to work in Master Mode very easily (after a lot of previous attempts). I've posted the details in my blog.

I know that USB ralink cards are more trickier to work in Master Mode, and I don't know the current status for USB cards, but you might check the rt2x00 project forum.

So, besides prism54, you might also try ralink (rt2x00 driver) devices."