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A drawing tablet combined with a dual-monitor system issue

A drawing tablet combined with a dual-monitor system issue

I have an Aiptek Media Tablet which I've used on my old computer for creating digital art. For about a month now, I also have a new Quad-core Windows Vista 64-bits system with plenty of disk space and RAM.And the tablet works perfectly on my new system. Then, three weeks ago I also bought a second monitor and turned my setup in a dual-monitor system I didn't use my tablet for the next three weeks so I didn't realise that a dual-monitor will increase the desktop size. In my case, the desktop is now 3520x1200.

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"Wacom tablets let you map the area on the tablet to a part of the screen. This works perfectly - even on my triple monitor display.

Frankly, any other tablet is really a joke in comparison to the awesome power of a Wacom Intuos."
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"This is a very old question, but I've just had this problem and only seen people rant on about Wacom, so here's an answer from someone with an Aiptek 14000u.
Open this orange icon from your taskbar, and if you don't have it then install aiptek driver

Click on mapping:

Select the monitor you want to use
Don't have to worry about silly pen nibs wearing down every few months, had my aiptek for 6+ years now and JUST had to change the battery for the first time and NEVER had to change the nib."