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A script so that you don't forget your usb drive on a public computer

A script so that you don't forget your usb drive on a public computer

So I have a problem because I'm an idiot. I seem to always leave my usb drives in public computers at school and the like. I unmount them and log off leaving them still in the pc, and of course I then lose my information and my drive which can be costly.

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"Here you go:

pcwUnstick is a Visual Basic script from PC WELT, a German computer magazine. The script opens a pop up window whenever you shut down your PC if a USB-stick is still plugged-in.

Flash Drive Reminder is a small, freeware utility that pops up a reminder if you try and log off Windows without removing your flash drive.
Discussion (and extra scripts and ideas) on Lifehacker

Haven't used either, be interested to hear your reviews."
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"How about instead of a SCRIPT you get a LANYARD around your neck so when you step away it comes with you?

Honestly I don't know what else you would want, it's like asking to write a script so that your wallet is not forgotten! Sooner or later you will just ignore the popup/script, etc."
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"Do you close things down before the logoff? Or do you let windows handle that?

If you close things yourself, then make an image, or Page autoload when you insert the drive. Then perhaps you will notice that as a reminder when you are closing things."