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Actual High Speed USB flash drive [closed]

Actual High Speed USB flash drive [closed]

I'm looking to upgrade my EEE 1000H by possibly replacing the HDD with simple (internal) usb connected storage. The problem I'm having now is that I can't seem to find any actual high speed usb sticks. They all proclaim high speeds, but usually turn out to be ~30 mb/s - much lower than the 60 mb/s (480 mbit/s / 8 ) I understand USB 2.0 is at - no ?

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USB 3.0 technology is just around the corner and should be faster. eSATA may also be of interest to you. Unfortunately, both require that your PC already have the necessary hardware to support these technologies.
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"As Lino pointed out, USB 2.0 may be spec'd at 480Mbps (~60MB/s), but the practical throughput is limited to around ~35MB/sec.

USB 3.0 Flash drives are here, but your EEE 1000H doesn't support USB 3.0, so that doesn't help you.

Anyway, the real answer to your problem is not to use USB Sticks. They'll wear out super quickly. They don't have any fancy wear-leveling controllers built into them. So your drive will just burn-out on you one day.

Instead, you need a real SSD.

Apparently the Samsung SATA II SSD is a good choice for your Asus EEE 1000H: blog.laptopmag***/eee-pc-1000h-faster-with-ssd-upgrade"