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Add bookmarks to Delicious and Google Bookmarks at the same time

Add bookmarks to Delicious and Google Bookmarks at the same time

I have used delicious*** (or back then, del.icio.us) to store my bookmarks for a long time now, and I love it. I was looking through some of my Google services, and realized they have a bookmarking service that integrates with your Google searches (I thought they had a bookmarking service before, but it went away? Maybe not).

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"Use the Delicious addon


This will install toolbar and sidebar. Toolbar has limited use. But Sidebar is very useful as it allows instant tag search along with nested tags.
It integrates with firefox , so that when u click on the bookmark star , it asks to save to delicious in a nice dialog box with recommended & popular tags.

Install GMarks 1.0.1


GMarks helps you sync & manage your EDIT:firefox bookmarks with Google Bookmarks

When you want to save a bookmark
Click on the default firefox bookmark button(star) . Since you have the Official Delicious Addon installed it will ask whether you want to save to Delicious also?. Click yes and it will asks you to save to in a dialog box with recommended & popular tags.

Now you have bookmarks in both Delicious & Firefox(Browser Bookmarks) .
Use GMarks to sync to Google Bookmarks.

How do you suppose 1 click will work? I usually tag bookmarks in delicious with the popular & recommended tags to help them sort it out

Alternatively i use Google Toolbar. It has a button for adding Bookmarks. Position it close to the Firefox star and you won't have to move your mouse too much. It's not 1 click though"