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Add the extension, jpg, to a lot of files

Add the extension, jpg, to a lot of files

I have a folder with a lot of folders with a lot of files and maybe more folders with more files, where some files lost their extension. I believe they are all jpgs, but I could be wrong. Any ideas how to re-add the extensions to all these files without doing it one by one?

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"I did it this way

find . -type f -iregex "".*[^\(\.jpg\)]"" -exec mv ""{}"" ""{}.jpg"" "";"""
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If using powershell is an option, then this post from SO should be exactly what you want.
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"For Linux (or MSWindows w/CygWin)

If you wish to only add a suffix to files that are actually JPEGs, try this:

$ find . -type f ! -name '*.jpg' -print | while read f
> do case ""$(file ""$f"")"" in
> *JPEG*) mv -iv ""$f"" ""$f.jpg"" ;;
> esac
> done

Which will:

Print paths that are files w/o a *.jpg suffix (find),
Check those files' contents (file $f),
For JPEG files, rename them with a _.jpg suffix."