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After Windows 7 upgrade, profile is in C:\Users\TEMP

After Windows 7 upgrade, profile is in C:\Users\TEMP

After upgrading Vista-64 to Win7-64, my profile is somehow mixed up in my actual C:\Users\[username]\ folder and also in C:\Users\TEMP\. It seems to mostly be in TEMP, including my registry data.

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Guest [Entry]

"Do this under the Windows 7 Administrator account or a new account with administrator privileges. Do not do it while logged to any of the affected accounts.

To enable the default Administrator account:

Execute secpol.msc in the Run... box.
Goto Local Policies -> Security Options.
Double-click on option Accounts: Administrator account status and enable it.

However, you may want to first try and have Windows 7 instruct you on all proceedings:

Start -> Control Panel
System Security -> Find and Fix Problems
Make sure Get the most up-to-date troubleshooters from the Windows Online troubleshooting service is enabled
Click Help & Support down the bottom of the left pane
Search for ""Profile""
Select ""Fix a corrupted user profile""

It will teach you on how to create a new profile and copy any necessary files from older profiles."