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Alfa Awus036h or other solution to amplify wifi signal? [closed]

Alfa Awus036h or other solution to amplify wifi signal? [closed]

Before I shell out €45 to get the Alfa Awus036h USB device (500mW or 1000mW?) to increase my odds of connecting to a remote wifi network, I'd like to get some user feedback about this device, and if there are other options (same type, or eg. one that connects through the Ethernet port).

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Guest [Entry]

"The strength of a wifi signal depends on both the sender and the receiver, so buying an adapter that has a very strong output signal will make the router have better reception, but in order to get the computer to have a higher signal without changing the output level of the router usually means a bigger antenna.

If you know the direction of the signal and are looking for a cheaper alternative, you could build a simple directional antenna from a can of Pringles (yes, the potato chip can). Of course, this requires your current wifi adapter to have a removable antenna."