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Am I missing out on anything by sticking by Windows XP? [closed]

Am I missing out on anything by sticking by Windows XP? [closed]

I've seen Vista come by, and while it looked cool, I assumed that it would run slower on my machine with the Aero theme. I also run my XP with animations, shadows and the like turned off, and also set to Windows Classic theme.

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XP 64-bit isn't very "polished", with a lot of missing drivers, and a 64-bit OS is the only reasonable way to get more than 4Gb of addressable RAM.
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"I though that too, and there was a campaign in the media saying Vista was a nightmare.

The truth is I found it very easy to use. Granted I got it from a new computer. I guess the problem was the upgrade from existing XP installation.

It runs fine. I do that too on XP, bu in Vista there was no need. It all in the new hardware you buy.

If you have the money, go on, upgrade, or even better: Switch to mac"
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"Yes, you are missing out on the state-of-art Ubuntu is reaching.
I write this from a USB Flash booted Ubuntu Jaunty running on an old Dell Latitude.

Update: Please note this is not a fanboy answer.
The primary OS on the laptop mentioned here is Windows-XP.
Besides which I use 3 more workstations with Windows-XP primary OS.

I feel related to the question, having considered a Vista shift earlier and
now dubiously considering a shift to 7.

I moved back to linux as a secondary OS on my laptop in an experimental form,
that is what I am suggesting here -- don't throw your favorite version of XP yet,
but, do an easy Ubuntu check from a flash drive install (not a LiveCD use).

When you use Ubuntu this way, from the same old hardware that you use with Windows,
it helps make a good comparison. You might decide to keep the secondary Ubuntu handy.
If nothing, for a bumpy back-seat car ride when you want to shutdown your HDD and
work off the flash drive."
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Progress ;)
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"Yes ... It is hard to put a finger on a specific feature, but Windows 7 is significantly better than Windows XP. It is a joy to use, more secure, and more polished everywhere.

As long as you have the hardware to run it."