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Android SDK emulator freezes on a Mac running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Android SDK emulator freezes on a Mac running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

I'm having trouble running the Android SDK on both of my Macs running OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard. This appears to be a 64-bit vs. 32-bit issue, as Snow Leopard now defaults to 64-bit everything, including the Java virtual machine.

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Guest [Entry]

"I was digging around the other day and saw this message appear on the terminal: emulator: warning: opening audio input failed I've seen this message many times before and I had always assumed that it was because the emulator didn't support sound or something like that. But I decided to try an experiment that one particular day. Turns out the emulator has a ""-noaudio"" command line option, and when I ran it with that, it worked!! So now I just run emulator with the -noaudio option always, no freezes. No sound support either, but at least I can run the emulator now.

Now, that works if I manually call the emulator from the command line. What about when the Eclipse ADT plugin calls it? Well I was feeling rather lazy at that point and didn't want to dig around in the ADT plugin to see if it had a ""add these command line flags whenever running the emulator"" option, so I made a little ""wrapper"" shell script for the emulator command that always adds the -noaudio option. It's a bit of a kludge, but it works. Here's how: (note: $ represents the shell prompt, don't type it yourself)

$ mv emulator emulator.real
$ cat > emulator << EOF
exec <WHERE YOU INSTALLED THE ANDROID SDK>/tools/emulator.real -noaudio $*
Guest [Entry]

I had the same problem, and it was fixed by simply unplugging my USB headset which was attached at the time I was executing the emulator
Guest [Entry]

"i'm running 10.6.2, android 2.0.1, eclipse 3.5 with no problems, so must be something on your end. i'd return to default os x settings and reinstall the sdk. then try running the emulator from just the command line and see if that works...

mac:~ > java -version
java version ""1.6.0_17""
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_17-b04-248-10M3025)
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 14.3-b01-101, mixed mode)

mac:~ > uname -a
Darwin veritas 10.2.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.2.0: Tue Nov 3 10:37:10 PST 2009; root:xnu-1486.2.11~1/RELEASE_I386 i386"