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Any coolosxapps.net alternative? (New OS X Software Blog) [closed]

Any coolosxapps.net alternative? (New OS X Software Blog) [closed]

I remember I used to almost religiously hit the coolosxapps.net website to find newly available freewares (mostly) for OS X. Now that the site was sold and is not available, I'm having trouble finding a similar website or blog.

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Guest [Entry]

"MacAppstorm seems to be pretty nice. Their reviews (so far) have been pretty comprehensive as well.

Following a load of mac indie developers on twitter works wonders for getting info about new apps coming out (tell me if you want a list of indie devs on twitter for this purpose).

Daring Fireball also covers new apps, but has a lot of other stuff thrown in as well (which is a good or a bad thing depending on what you like)."
Guest [Entry]

"I would just check general Apple blogs as they should list any new/upcoming software.

I personally like The unofficial Apple Weblog

Another one I just found from Google was The Apple Blog"