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Any difference between Hardware RAID and Software RAID?

Any difference between Hardware RAID and Software RAID?

I'm building a new server (Small Business Server 2008), but I can't get the built-in RAID controller (AMD SB700) to work and have basically given up on it ever working with Server 2008. Fine.

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"Software Vs Hardware RAID in general; also at Serverfault.
Short RAID 1 discussion (CentOS context).
Serverfault: Build a software raid 1 on windows XP might also be useful for software RAID 1.
Serverfault: How do I differentiate “fake RAID” from real RAID?"
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"Hardware usually has better support for hotswap with separate hardware logic/circuitry, easier identification of failed drives by blinking lights, bootable volumes for any raid level and so on... performance-wise? Not really, as long as there're cpu-cycles left and the software implementation is good enough...

...but as nik has pointed out - hardware isn't always ""hardware"" and generally ""it depends""."