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Any NAS servers that stream FLAC audio?

Any NAS servers that stream FLAC audio?

I can't seem to find a NAS solution, aside from a custom built one, that is able to stream FLAC audio via UPnP. Streaming seems to be limited to MP3 or other popular formats. Do any exist that will stream FLAC, or maybe transcode to MP3 and stream?

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Guest [Entry]

"The QNAP NMP-1000 looks like an awesome NAS/multimedia player.

One of its many features is:

Experience high-quality music
lossless audio files can be natively
handled by the NMP-1000 without
converting job. You can rip to
archive your favorite music CD and
enjoy the original high-quality music
on your Hi-Fi system conveniently.
The NMP-1000 plays lots of digital
music format, including FLAC, PCM,
WMA, AC3, DTS, and WAV."