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Any reason why IDE disk hda1 shows up as sda1 under Knoppix Live CD

Any reason why IDE disk hda1 shows up as sda1 under Knoppix Live CD

I'm running a debian system and today I ran aptitude safe-upgrade. It's been a while since I'd down that so it downloaded and installed a bunch of stuff including a new kernal image.

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"ok I found the answer.
As described here:
Kernel update 2.6.19 modified the IDE subsystem which changes the way modified that IDE devices are defined. So rather that hda the disk will appear as sda.

Drives appear as /dev/sda, /dev/sr0, the old devices names won't work. You will need to change your boot parameters and your /etc/fstab parameters in order to get a working system with the new drivers. Again, this only happens if you use the new drivers, the old drivers continue working as they did before.

My test system is running an older version of the kernel compared to what is on the Knoppix live CD. When booting from the live CD it uses the new kernel and hence the drive now appears as sda1
For people finding this page looking for a fix, the above website also states:

This means 2.6.19 may have two drivers for your PATA-based device: The old IDE driver under ""Device drivers -> ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support"" and an alternative driver under ""Device drivers -> Serial ATA (prod) and Parallel ATA (experimental) drivers"" (along with the rest of the SATA drivers)
What one must you choose? Well, the safe option is using the old driver: The old drivers will continue working just as they did before. There'll be no changes if you continue using the old drivers."