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Any way to search for new domain names privately? [closed]

Any way to search for new domain names privately? [closed]

Is there any way to look up the availability of a domain name without risking it being reserved or registered by someone else who is snooping domain name look ups?

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Guest [Entry]

"I believe the asker's question is much simpler than what most people seem to be reading. He is concerned, rightly so, that some domain name lookup services will gladly accept your request for a domain name search, and then a day or two later, the same search will show that the domain name has ""coincidentally"" been registered.

My advice, if you're serious about wanting a particular domain name, is to not even check on its availability unless you're also willing to drop a few bucks to immediately register it, at least for a short term. That way if you find that it's available you can immediately register it for relatively cheap and you've bought yourself a year (or however long you decide) to act upon it. (Given that the domain namespace is so crowded it's probably best to have a few candidates in mind.)"