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Are my Hi-Speed numbers adequate for Voip?

Are my Hi-Speed numbers adequate for Voip?

When I test my broadband speed I get these numbers returned: Download - 8.1 Mb/s :: Upload - .511 Mb/s ::

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Guest [Entry]

"This is plenty of bandwidth.

As a reference:

Skype uses between 3-16KB/sec during VoIP calls.
Ventrilo, depending on the codec of the server, uses around 3KB/sec per person talking (download) and likely 3KB/sec while you talk (upload)

We have similar speeds as you at my work, and have no issues with VoIP with 2 people online."
Guest [Entry]

"If its just one user, and you're not going to be doing a lot of web intensive stuff at the same time, sure.

Obviously it's the upload bandwidth that's your bottleneck, but VOIP tends to only use around 90kbps, though iirc you can drop it to 60 or even 30 (though each comes with a notable drop in sound quality)."