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Are SSDs worthwhile for software development? [closed]

Are SSDs worthwhile for software development? [closed]

I have a MacBook with 8GB of RAM and a 500GB 7200rpm hard drive. I write software for a living. I am contemplating getting an SSD Drive, but I am unsure about the performance.

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I am also a software developer and I recently added an ExpressCard SSD as the boot drive in my MacBook Pro. It has improved the performance of everything.
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"They allow for faster read/write to disc than the average home hard disk, however, you should be writing software to run on your expected audiences hardware, not your own. Don't write an application that runs perfect on your machine, but may not run so well on other machines.

That said, there's not much difference programming-wise for developers. The only situation where it will get you a good difference is when doing a lot of read/write operations on disk.

One more benefit to a SSD, for you, since you have a MacBook, is it should extend your battery life, as it draws less power than a traditional disk/platter HDD."
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"Here are benchmarks for one in particular:
The rest are similar

Unlike normal harddrives, higher capacity SSDs typically have lower R/W speeds. Higher capacity also is more expensive.

As a software developer, you need lots of space, too.
Up to you what you think is worth it. The WD velociraptors might be a nice alternative. Or if money is no object, go SCSI"